Boating Safety Tips

  • Before starting the boat, the owner should make sure all passengers are sitting in a safe position.

  • Make sure all navigation lights and side lights are in working order.

  • Assign a passenger to keep watch around the propeller area of your boat when people are in the water.

  • Prevent accidents by designation someone to act as a “look out” for other vessels.

  • Don’t overload the boat. Never allow passengers to board or exit your boat while the engine is on or idle – avoid propeller injuries.

  • Have the proper safety equipment on board. Such as: life vests, lights, radio, cell phones, flares, etc. Add safety devices to your boat, such as a propeller cut off switch.

  • Be alert when operating in congested areas.

  • Never permit a passenger to ride on the bow, gunwale, transom, seatbacks or other locations where they might fall overboard.

  • Avoid collisions or senseless injuries or death by maintaining safe speed at all time. Know your position at all times. Keep the GPS on.

  • If someone falls overboard, STOP!! Turn off the engine immediately. Do not keep going, Keep the person in your sight as you approach them. Have someone call the Coast Guard immediately.

  • Boating under the Influence is illegal. Avoid drinking while riding a boat. The sun, wind and heat doubles the effect of your alcohol level. One third of boating fatality accidents have involved BUI.


Boating Safety is key!
Learn from others mistakes;
Don’t have others learn from yours 

United States Coast Guard Auxiliary- Boating Safety Tips

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